Teacher Resources for Amateur (Ham) Radio
Click here for general information on Amateur Radio & becoming a Ham

For Teachers Lesson Plans &
 Web Resources
Using Amateur Radio
Projects & Software Especially for For Kids
The Big Project -
Amateur Radio & Technology
 Education from
Radio Station, Ham Radio
Lesson Plans & Resources
Build Simple Radios Amateur Radio Comic Books
7 free
volumes from Icom
Featuring Zak & Max
Teacher Support
from ARRL
The Art of Communication-
PBS Lewis & Clark
Classroom Resources
How a Crystal Radio Works Amateur Radio
from Kids Net.AU Encyclopedia
Ham Radio in Schools
Teachers using amateur radio in their schools and program descriptions
Integrated Learning
with an AM Radio
An Educator's Reference
Desk Lesson Plan
Online Morse Code Generator/Translator Young Ham's News
Teacher Institute on
Wireless Technology
"Let Me Tell You About My State!" Recognizing  Morse Code Online Kids in Amateur Radio
from ARRL
21st Century Schools
Ham Radio in Classroom
U.S. Early Radio History
by T. H. White
Learn CW (Morse Code) Online School Club
Round-Up Contest
Infusing Radio-Based
Communications Tools
into the Curriculum
How Stuff Works
Morse Code Training Software Welcome to the Wonderful
World of Ham Radio!
Ham Radio: A Bridge to
the Wireless World-
IEEE USA Today's Engineer
WD6CNF, Grant's Free
CW Decoder Software
Ham Radio for Kids
Ham Radio in the Schools,
Grants, and Emergency Communcations
American Inventors: Samuel Morse and his Contributions to the Telegraph & Morse Code
NASA Amateur Radio
in Space  (K-4 guide)
How a Basic Radio Works Videos

Boy Scout Radio
Merit Badge
The Teacher’s  Guide  to
Radio Instruction
Radio Page-
 Explaining the Physics
of Everyday Life
Jamoboree  on the Air
Radio Teacher Project
MAD Scientists Network
ARRL Ham Radio Kids Day
Find a Ham to Assist You at a Radio Club in Your Local Area Ham Radio in Space

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