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Ten-Tec-- N4NQY's Unofficial T-T Pages Lineages of Ten-Tec Amateur HF Rigs-
from the Ten-Tec Mailing List
Ten-Tec-- W8KC's Virtual T-T Museum
N9VV's Orion, Jupiter & Argonaut V Pages TenTec Radio Software Updates - RF Squared
Mods for TenTec Equipment Service Information from "Ten-Tec Times"
N4PY's Control Software for Pegasus, Jupiter & Argo-V
Ten-Tec Advertising Materials from early 1970s
Odyssey of the Argornauts "Ten-Tec Times" from Dayton'02 by N9VV
Argonaut 505, 509 & 515
  (actually models I, II & III in series)
ARRL Product Reports (Members Only)
"Second Coming of the Argonaut" - Reprinted from CQ Nov. 1971 Ten-Tec Argonaut II Transceiver
Cleaner Keying for the Argonaut 509 Ten-Tec Argosy HF Transceiver
Rig-Pix - Ten-Tec Argonaut 509 Ten-Tec T-Kit Model 1340 Transceiver Kit
e-Ham Reviews- Ten-Tec Argonaut  
Omni-VII    588
Argonaut 509 Schematics  Omni-VII on Ten-Tec Wiki
Improving Argonaut 509 SSB Performance  RF Squared Omni-VII Page
WB8DQT's Argonauts Page  One Plug Remote Control Software Users Guide
Argonaut 509 PTO FIX by K0VAR (p-11)  One Plug Remote Control Users FAQ
Argonaut 30 Meter Mod
One Plug Icons - Do want to replace that boring short-cut icon?
Download a new icon below by right clicking on your choice,
then select "Save link target as"

Having trouble downloading? Click here to download zipped versions
Build an Argonaut Portable Station Case
Curing VHF Interference in Ten-Tec Argonauts
Argonaut-II   535 (actually IV in series)
An AGC Mod for the Argonaut II
e-Ham Reviews- Argonaut-II
Homebrew Computer Interface for Argonaut-II
(I know it says Icom, but the interface is the same)
Computer Interface for Argonaut-II (order Icom CT-17)  Rig-Pix's Argosy 525
Computer Interface for Argonaut-II (order Icom CT-17)  Rig-Pix's Agrosy-D
Argonaut-V   516  Improving the Argosy-
 from Ham Radio Magazine November 1986 
Ten-Tec's Argonaut V Page RF Gain Control for the Argosy I-QRPARCI  Quaterly Reprint April 2000
WB8DQT's Argonauts Page Night Vision for the Argosy I- QRPARCI  Quaterly Reprint April 2000
N9VV's Argonaut V Page e-Ham Reviews- Argosy
Argonaut-V Pictures from 2002 Dayton Hamvention Night Vision for the Argosy I- QRPARCI  Quaterly Reprint April 2000
Power Mite Series Miscellaneous Ten-Tec
Ten-Tec Power Mite "Second Coming of the Argonaut" - Reprint from CQ Nov. 1971
VE3JC's Power Mite Pages Ten-Tec Advertisements from 1970's
K5LXP's PM-3 Ten-Tec Triton QRP Mod - scroll down the page t find
Power Mite Manual
Filters for your Ten-Tec Ten-Tec T-Kit Models - 13xx
Ten-Tec Filter Selection Table 13xx Series T-Kit CW QRP Transceivers Page
InRad Filters for Ten-Tec Radios Ten-Tec 13xx Kit Modifications

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