Post date: Apr 30, 2019 6:55:12 PM

A great way to get your Worked All States Award is via State QSO Parties. State QSO Parties are contests where you try to work as many contacts with hams in a state or group of states. Multipliers are the countries of the state(s) (so it is also a great way to add to your Worked All Counties USA total). The weekend of May 4 & 5th is a great time to get a jump on this with 4 QSO Parties-- 7th Area Party (8 western states), New England QSO Party (6 states), Deleware QSO Party and Indiana QSO Party for a total of 16 states including 5 of 10 rarest states. State QSO Parties are usually more laid back than big contests so they are great for new hams and contesters. You can find dates for all state's parties at tiny.cc/sqp and county outline maps at these two sites US Census State-based County Outline Maps and No5W County Overlays.