KX 2nd L👀K

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March 2018 issue of CQ Magazine had an article on the KX 2nd Look

The KX 2nd L👀K is an accessory for use with the Elecraft KX2 or KX3 Radios (and also now the K3*). These radios have the ability to decode RTTY, PSK and CW signals (without a computer) and display them on their front panel. The display is 7 characters and scrolls as new text is decoded.

I wanted a way to display more characters so I designed the 2nd Look. It is offered as a kit to others that want a bigger display at a low price.

  • Display is 80 characters (40 per line)

  • Does not require a computer

  • Lightweight and convenient for field use

  • Arduino Nano based

  • Open Source Software allows user modifications

  • Offered as a complete, easy to assemble kit

    • Low parts count

    • Simple soldering with no surface mount parts to solder

    • You need to provide the case

  • Choice of 4 LCD displays

KX 2nd L👀K in a plastic pencil box

KX 2nd L👀K in a supplied case (you need to cut hole)

Note- 12 Volt to 5 Volt Adapter with Anderson PowerPole connectors for 12 Volts-- I will no longer be offering 12 Volt Anderson PowerPole to 5 Volt USB Adapters due to supplier issues.

So instead I am providing complete instructions on building your own- instructions using a one dollar charger from Dollar Tree stores

    • Black on Amber (very similar to KX3/KX2)

    • Dark Blue/black on Yellow-Green

    • Black on White

    • White on Black (new)

  • Powered by 5-volts DC via common Mini USB connector used in phone chargers & battery packs

  • *Use with the Elecraft K3 requires a DB9 to 3.5mm connection cable (see assembly instructions for details)


    • One (1) Full - KX 2nd L👀K Parts Kit + Clear Case - $53.00 pre-Dayton sale only $49.00

  • Two (2) Full - KX 2nd L👀K Parts Kits + 2 Clear Cases - $98.00

  • Three (3) Full - KX 2nd L👀K Parts Kits + 3 Clear Cases - $140.00

  • (plus shipping)

  • Shipping

    • USA- $8.00 (USPS Flat Rate Box + Insurance)

    • Canada - $25.95

    • Most others between $32.00 and $38.00 (see Small Flat Rate USPS)

*Kit includes

  • Assembly Instructions

  • LCD display

  • Arduino Nano- (Preprogrammed with 2nd Look software sketch)

  • Arduino Breakout Board

  • i2c (Digole) LCD serial interface (backpack)

  • Header Pins and Sockets

  • Resistors

    • Push Button Reset Switch

  • 3.5mm (⅛”) Stereo Jack

  • 4 M-F Jumpers for LCD (Red, Green, Orange & Yellow or other colors)

  • Connection Wire


  • 3.5mm 90° M-M Cable (~6") - $4.50

    • USB Cable for power (Mini B/ A) - $3.00

    • 12 Volt to 5 Volt Adapter with Anderson PowerPole connectors for 12 Volts- No longer available - see note below

    • Power Bank/Phone Battery 5 Volt - Currently Out of Stock

  • Plastic Case ~21.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm (~8.3 x 2.3 x 1.3") (see picture below)- $4.00

  • Parts Only all prices + shipping (bare parts no support is included)

    • LCD- 40 Character x 2 Rows with Backlight, Sunlight readable in your choice of 3 colors- $19.50

    • i2c LCD Backpack with 8x2 pin arrangement for 40 x 2 LCDs - $12.50

    • Arduino Nano (unprogrammed) - $9.00

    • Arduino Breakout board- $7.00

    • Push Button- $2.00

KX2 & KX3 Accessories

    • 5.5mm x 2.1mm 5.5/2.1 DC Power Male to Female Extension Cable w/ Switch (great for powering KX3 & PX3 from one feed) - $15.00

    • 5.5mm x 2.1mm Male to Female DC Power Cable With Mini ATM Auto Fuse Holder - $8.00

    • 12V Male Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug Connector On-Off Switch (no connector)- $8.00

    • BNC Male Plug To Dual Binding Post Banana Plug Jack Female Coaxial Connector (great for an antenna on KX3 or KX2, just add your own antenna and counterpoise wire) - $5.00

To Order-

  • Please complete the Google Form to choose your items to order. After you submit the form you will be sent an email with details on your order, total cost and an address to send PayPal funds or USPS Money Order.

Video of a KX 2nd L👀K with Elecraft K3s

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the kit?

    • Preprogrammed Microprocessor (Arduino Nano)

    • Arduino Breakout board

    • LCD- 40 Character x 2 Rows with Backlight, Sunlight readable in your choice of 3 colors

    • i2c Serial Backpack for driving LCD (8x2)

    • Header Pins & Sockets

    • Push Button Reset Switch

    • Resistors

    • 3.5mm Jack

    • Colored Wire Jumpers

    • Instructions

  • What do I need to add to assemble the kit?

    • Rosin Core Solder

    • Soldering Iron (Temperature controlled, static safe unit suggested)

    • Wire cutters

    • Wire stripper

    • Case and hardware to mount LCD

  • What do I need to add to use the kit?

    • Elecraft KX3 or KX2

    • Connecting Cable

      • 3.5mm M-M Cable (Stereo/3 wire) for KX3 or KX2

      • 3.5mm Stereo to DB9 Cable for K3

    • 5 Volt DC power source with USB mini connector

  • Does the 2nd Look support sending code with a keyboard?

    • No, the 2nd Look is a receive-only device

    • It can be used in conjunction with sending PSK, RTTY or CW using the Elecraft paddles

    • I routinely use mine with an external keyer (either my Morse Buddy from KB5CQ or a HamGadgets MK-1) that allows me to use a keyboard to send CW to the radio while using the 2nd Look. This is great for field use for us paddle challenged CW senders.

  • How does 2nd Look attach to KX3/KX2?

    • By running a 3 conductor cable to ACC1 port

  • How does 2nd Look attach to K3?

    • By running a 3 conductor cable to RS-232 port

  • Can I still use the ACC1 port for connecting to a computer?*

    • The short answer is no, not as configured

    • The long answer-- I have had some success experimenting with using N1MM computer logging program in conjunction with the KX2/KX3 by using a 3PDT switch and additional 3.5mm jack. This is still experimental and not guaranteed. The good news is you can experiment, but please do not try and use the Elecraft Configuration utility (especially when attempting to update firmware)!

Video of a KX 2nd L👀K with Elecraft K3